Michail Moscholios – review VSLO 2017

This time was the best. They all (staff, teachers, students) went beyond ...
Beyond what?

Beyond everything! They have transcended it all. The previous editions, the excellence in art, the spirit of belonging, the human nature itslef. Because this last one can be as ugly and as beautiful under the same light.

Some would have been glad to see the lights eclipsing over Vama. Some others, us, who were all present this year, knew that it has to be done again and that this time it had to be done from the guts.

I was stunned to see all teachers taking pictures of their students down the beach or even during their talk. Staying with them until dawn to watch the legendary Vama sunrise.

I was overwhelmed to see young photographers carrying professional gear with such lightness as if they were part of them.

And I was once more amazed by the photographic gaze "le regard" conveyed in the images produced and presented every night by the participants.

Will it remain something more to go beyond next year? I am sure it will. Because passion never ends.

VSLO, the Woodstock of Photography is alive and kicking!